“Firstly, to be selected for this award within your industry is great, but at the same time to get recognition from your closer peers means even more. It’s given me the confidence to take the next steps in my career and will hopefully encourage this year’s crop of EN Thirty Under 30s to do the same.”

– Will Garwood, marketing manager, Media 10


“EN 30 Under 30 provided me with a great network of peers coming from the three core event groups: venue, organiser and supplier. It also opened up opportunities for me professionally that I otherwise most likely wouldn’t have had. I think this initiative is important as it encourages the next generation of events professionals to network, which is ultimately the foundation of what our industry promotes.”

– Tom Fisher, senior marketing executive, Clarion Events


“Being one of the thirty opens a lot of doors! From speaking at conferences, to writing opinion pieces and expanding your events network, the EN3030 feels like much more than just an accolade. It’s been almost less an award and more an incredible scheme to help young professionals advance their careers. I know I’ve fully enjoyed every opportunity it’s given me.”

– Emily Nichols, group marketing manager, UBM

“Being recognised as a successful young graphic designer within the EN30/30 helped me develop the confidence I needed to push and expand our team, to explore new styles, concepts and become innovative creators within print, web, video and digital design. I feel like this has been the best year of my career to date, having started from humble beginnings, my ambition and drive has evolved and become more focused since induction into EN30/30, and I can’t wait to keep smashing expectations and personal achievements in the coming year!”

– Harriet Farren, graphic designer, Prysm Group


“EN Thirty Under 30 helped me find my voice within a very loud and proud industry. Being able to attend specially organised networking opportunities throughout the year has really challenged my perception of our sector (and the people within it!).

This was an achievement I was very proud to receive, considering how many young and talented individuals I’ve met in recent months. Thank you EN for the recognition, and for one heck of an ice-breaker at networking events!”

– Gerard Conway, senior client manager, N200|GES


“It was a great experience and gave me an opportunity to meet equally likeminded and ambitious people from different sectors of the industry. It gave me a much greater depth of knowledge on key topics that face the next generation of event professionals.”

– Tom Edwards, senior event manager, ExCeL London


“The 30/30 has been a great networking platform; as a Freelancer it has enabled me to connect with more people in the industry, gain a further understanding of pressures my peers face and be involved directly with Exhibition News via my own Columns and Interviews.”

– Laura Cole, director, LC Events

“Being part of the Thirty under 30 was really exciting for me and for all of the staff at Noodle Live. We’ve worked so hard to build up the company over the last 4 years and it’s been a huge learning curve. The world of event tech moves so rapidly. When we first started working in the events industry it felt like we had to explain the value of good event tech to get ourselves through the door. These days things have changed a lot. Event tech is now seen as a staple of any good event. Being named in the Thirty under 30 felt like an acknowledgement that all of the hard work had been worth it and that the value of our service was starting to really be understood.”

– Clemi Hardie, managing director, Noodle Live


“It’s been a great opportunity to get involved in events I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to. It’s also been great to share ideas and learn from each other.”

– Hollie Lawrence, director, human resources, Freeman EMEA


“Being selecting as one of the thirty was a great honour, especially as we have an incredible amount of fresh talent within our industry. The programme has helped me make great connections, outside of existing Olympia London clients and suppliers. I thoroughly enjoyed being given the opportunity to speak at EN’s Race Day, which would not have been made possible if not for this exciting initiative.”

– Jazmin Beale, head of marketing & communications, Olympia London