Event executive – New Scientist Live, New Scientist

Nomination: It was amazing to be part of the event launch team at one of the most recognisable science titles in the world. My biggest accolade for the 2016 event was landing Shell. After their initial reluctance I ended up at one of their large public events, in the rain, waiting to speak to the chairman of the company. After managing to speak to him for a few moments regarding New Scientist Live we exchanged details. Six weeks after that they booked onto one of the largest stands at the show.

In five years’ time: I hope to be heading up a New Scientist Live in another country. We are a global brand with interest and following from the public all other the world. I also want to be able to highlight to young women in the exhibition industry that it’s not a man’s game and all it takes is determination to achieve, confidence to stand up and thick skin to endure to make it.

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