Jamie Pearson
Marketing and Operations Director, Afrocet Montgomery

Jamie has led the transformation of the marketing and operations departments at Afrocet Montgomery. His proactive, intuitive and patient approach has been crucial in developing the business and a leading factor in its growth. While under Jamie’s supervision the company’s flagship exhibition has become the largest trade show in Nigeria. This has meant on many occasions he has had to navigate the challenges of logistics and operations through unchartered territory. Jamie’s unique understanding of doing business in Nigeria and his acute attention to detail makes him the key cog within the company.

Sophie Wawro
VP Events, Ascential

As event director for Money20/20 Europe, Sophie is leading a team of more than 20 on one of Ascential’s largest and fastest growing brands. When Sophie was promoted, she was the youngest event director in the company and had never managed a team before, in the three years since she has emerged as a strong leader with a steely determination and crystal-clear vision for the show. Sophie is clearly a creative leader, but she combines that with a strong commercial acumen – she gets the whole picture.

Shona Thompson
Marketing Manager, Reed Exhibition

After joining Reed in 2017 as marketing manager for in-cosmetics Global, Shona grabbed the show with both hands, highly focused on delivering on her targets despite the show’s complexities. She systematically questions the status quo, conducting thorough research, applying sophisticated digital but also traditional event marketing methods relentlessly until she reaches her objectives and targets. She is a creative marketer who is multidimensional when it comes to her exhibition marketing strategy. Shona has been central to the success of the incosmetics Global team.

Rikki Bhachu
Marketing Director, MA Exhibitions

Rikki joined MA Exhibitions four years ago with no event experience, but his passion, drive, creativity and commitment quickly shone through. He developed the systems and marketing processes now used on all the organiser’s large-scale events. Rikki was the marketing lead for five launches in three years and has consistently delivered. As the company has grown, Rikki has taken new recruits under his wing, implementing a regular team training session, and is the social hub of MAX – even down to choosing the outfits for Sticky Wicket.

Katy Leslie
Operations Executive, Clarion Gaming

Katy has proven herself to be an invaluable member of the operations team. She is passionate, tenacious and diligent and her professionalism onsite is second to none. Katy had the chance to run her first solo event in March 2019, a challenging event due to attendance numbers and budget restraints, and took it in her stride, demonstrating great leadership and boosting team morale when needed most. Katy has also led and mentored her peers with new process and has paved the way on making sustainable changes at Clarion Gaming events.

Joe Riddett
Head Of Sales, Easyfairs UK & Global

When Joe joined Easyfairs it didn't take long to see that he was a pleasure to work with and ready to go above and beyond to help his team, customers and colleagues. He has become a 'go-to' person across Easyfairs, with colleagues asking for his advice on most things, especially systems, processors and techniques. All of this while being the biggest revenue generator for Advanced Engineering and wokring with the industry to understand what strategy the show needs to deliver to keep it fresh and relevant.

Harriet Connolly
Head of Events, Saastock

Harriet built the event operation team at SaaStock from scratch. In her first four months she had created the 2018 events calendar, run and co-ordinated all the supplier and venue logistics for four 200-plus person events in four locations at dry hire venues, not to mentioned implementing new tech, attendee and sponsor operations and recruiting two new team members. She has also led a global expansion across five continents, and project-managed of marketing, content, sales and operations professionals.

Jenna Gardner
Show Manager, Qd events

Jenna is a talent that doesn’t come along often, joining QD Events as a sales executive and quickly demonstrated the ability to engage with both prospective and confirmed exhibitors on a personal level, building rapport, and understanding the needs of their businesses. When QD acquired SFN Expo in 2018, Jenna outshone all the other candidates for the show manager role and now, less than a year after the acquisition, the show is twice the size.

Aidan Gibbs
Sales Manager, CloserStill Media

After joining the London Vet Show team in 2015, Aidan has consistently shown a desire to knuckle down and perform to the highest possible standard. He doubled the event's show guide revenue from the previous year in two months and contributed 53% of all stands and sponsorships sold after the show. Through some tough challenges, as well as some major achievements, he has always treated everyone around him with the charm, respect and exceptional energy that makes him a pleasure to work with.

Rosie Lamb
Operations Manager, SME London

Rosie started at SME London four years ago as PA to the MD, and now overseas all operations for BBC Countryfile Live, including overseeing budget, and also has responsibility for the company’s art fair in Hong Kong. In addition to being a complete professional, Rosie is a great colleague, with an engaging, happy personality, who makes sure all around her are considered. Rosie is persistent and able to balance getting the best service with being very respectful of the contractor.

Loren Wilson
Event Manager, Aspect

While at university Loren arranged the two-week fresher programme, putting on 20 fantastic events in the space of two weeks, while Aspect's founding partner was visiting, and she was singled out as an ideal future team leader. Loren has a great knack for developing and sustaining strong working relationships with everyone from suppliers and agency staff to clients. She has the ability to share her vision with colleagues by understanding the process - she can see the goals and can work out how to ge there.

Abby Cairns
International Marketing Manager, Angus Montgomery

In her two years at Angus Montgomery, Abby has revolutionised the team’s marketing activities. Working across the Group’s exhibitions across Nigeria and Kenya, she manages eight separate marketing campaigns concurrently. In addition to taking all this in her stride, Abby has launched new marketing initiatives that have made a huge difference. The change was a big risk as it was something that hadn’t been tried before in those markets but following its huge success the Group’s African marketing strategies have changed, which have benefited the wider Montgomery Group.

Ben Smit
VIP Delegations Manager, Clarion Events

A member of the EN 30 Under 30 for the second year, Ben has continued to deliver outstanding results and customer service across the Clarion Defence & Security portfolio. This has resulted in closer collaboration with Clarion offices in Dubai and Sao Paulo, using the relationships he has built with key stakeholders based in the UK to enhance the ability for his colleagues to access these same stakeholders for the benefit of their own events in Brazil and the MENA region.

Jordan Bamford
Project Manager, Easyfairs UK & gLobal

Jordan made a name for himself at part of Ascential’s dedicated new business team, delivering 120% of his target while working on Spring Fair. When Easyfairs began to build a new team they reached out to Jordan and haven’t lookedback. His energy and positive yet tenacious approach make him one to watch. Leading the launch of new initiatives for Lab Innovations contributed the event’s Best Trade Show win at the 2019 EN Awards. Jordan aspires to take the show to new levels and markets to establish it as a leader in its sector.

Emily Challis
Portfolio Event Manager, Fresh Montgomery

A member of the EN 30 Under 30 for her second year, Emily was intrinsic in the recent launch of the Independent Hotel Show Amsterdam, meeting partners and supporters, building the budget and forecasting up to the realisation of the event. The huge success of the launch wouldn’t have been possible without her as the glue that held it all together. Emily is also amazing at people development; she’s a great mentor and teacher with the patience of a saint.

Amélie Degueldre
Operations Manager, Easyfairs UK & Global

Amélie joined Easyfairs from Belgium in 2014 for an internship and was offered a permanent position within two months. After only two years she was promoted to operations manager, responsible for four events, and was instrumental in the integration of acquisition ADF&PCD Paris. She took over management of the team for the 2019 edition and is playing a crucial role in the launch of new co-located event PLD. She aspires to be head of operations, and to help the operations teams to have a more influential position in the organisation as a whole.

Sherma Ellis
Brand Executive, Informa Markets

Sherma has supported the management of five pharma events in Japan, Middle East & Africa, South East Asia, India and in Europe. One of her success stories has been the development of the sponsorship offerings within the events, introducing new ideas to kickstart sponsorship sales earlier in the cycle. Sherma is one to watch at Informa, as she demonstrates the core traits of a successful and engaging leader with the capability to drive the organiser’s brands to the next level.

Charlotte Humphreys
Senior Sales Manager, Forum Events

Since joining Forum Events in early 2018, Charlotte has single-handedly managed and exceeded the targets for two events along with helping close an event for a colleague on maternity leave. Coming from a retail background, events have been a new challenge but with hard work, dedication and drive she has achieved all that was expected of her and more. In addition to her work at Forum Events, Charlotte has also run and managed her own business – a dance and performing art school – for the last ten years.

Hannah Jeal
Content and Community Executive, Reed Exhibitions

Hannah has worked extremely hard building relationships with exhibitors and executing targeted social media and email campaigns and has developed several new initiatives for International Jewellery London. She has also been responsible for creating content to provide a 365 educational platform and took ownership of the launch of Inspire – a new luxury magazine for the show. The magazine was such a success that more will be produced for various other events run by Reed. Internally, she was awarded the Reed Sales Support Person award and was runner-up for Reed UK Marketing and Content Person of the Year award.

Rachel Kilmartin
Marketing Manager, CloserStill Media

Rachel joined CloserStill over four years ago and the team weren’t sure what hit them, in the best possible way. She has been integral to the success of every campaign she has worked on and is creative, diligent and passionate about the markets she works in. She is captain of the company’s Sticky Wicket and netball teams and is a true team player, spearheading a wellness initiative at CloserStill to ensure that physical and mental health are at the

Nick Pratt
Systems Training Lead, Clarion Events

Nick demonstrates an agility and diversity of skills which is not often seen in one individual. Add to this his exceptional knowledge and understanding of different functions within the events industry as well as the ability to interact with all levels of management and build strong professional relationships, and you have someone who would be an asset to any team. Nick was appointed to any team. Nick was appointed a super user while the business navigated the adoption of a new CRM and so impressive was his support and mentoring during this time he was approached to join the global sales enablement team as systems training lead.

Samantha Nelson
Digital Marketing Manager, Easyfairs UK & Global

Sam joined Easyfairs in February 2018 and immediately made an impact, bringing a new professionalism to digital marketing and offering an invaluable role model for the teams to learn from and improve the standards across their digital campaigns. She has single-handedly led a largescale website domain and CMS migration for 18 websites across multiple countries, working alongside a design agency and directly managing all website development. What makes Sam unique is her incredible aptitude to challenge the status quo and challenge processes and ways of working to constantly strive for better quality and results.

Madi Whitcombe
Commercial Manager, Fresh Montgomery

Madi is motivated, driven, self -sufficient, quick learning and effective. She can be trusted to do whatever is needed to get the job done, well, every time. Madi created a commercial plan for her event that has now been used across many other events within the company. This together with other intuitive initiatives has Madi topping the commercial efforts and abilities amongst the team. Madi brings a creative, thoughtful and ‘out of the box’ sales strategy as part of our everyday event management.

Mollie Warden
Assistant Show Manager, Media 10

Mollie joined Media 10 in the busiest phase of organising UK Construction Week and immediately settled in well and demonstrated an amazing ability to work with other people and take on entirely new projects. When the Grenfell fire shocked the construction industry to its core in June 2017, she was asked to compile a comprehensive CPD programme to deal with issues of fire protection and cladding in high rise buildings. Within a month she had assembled 50 sessions working with 20 event partners and over 3,000 delegates ultimately attended. It now forms the backbone of the show’s education content.

Justin Wilkins
Sales Manager, Diversfield Communications

Justin started at Diversified with no prior event experience and showed a true passion and determination to excel in the industry. After spending the first part of his career in an estate agency and running his own business in the health and fitness industry, Justin has really adapted to the events industry whilst bringing across his experience in sales and building customer rapport. In addition to significantly growing the revenue of Accountex and supporting a new launch, he launched online media platform Accounting Insight News and looks after the show’s social media.

Andrew Earle
Event Manager, Clarion Events

Since joining Clarion in 2015, Andrew has been promoted five times and has demonstrated huge talent and enthusiasm in each role. What sets Andrew apart is his incredible understanding of the markets he works in and his ability to translate this into a clear events strategy. He has also clearly marked himself out as a leader, with feedback from his team and peers showing that he is held in extremely high regard. In the next five years Andrew wants to be leading a wider portfolio of shows and to be involved in the development of Clarion’s internal knowledgesharing network.

Emily Impey
Content Manager, Reed Exhibitions

Emily made an incredible contribution to the re-launch of RetailEXPO and completely transformed the content of the event, where the programme was a key element. She immersed herself in the industry, holding meetings and in-depth research calls to understand the needs of the market. She is a passionate and tenacious team player, working closely and effectively with her sales, marketing and operational colleagues. She aspires to be an event director, leading the strategic direction of events, pushing boundaries and helping them grow.

Chelsea Law
operations Manager, Reed Exhibitions

For Chelsea, no task is too small, and she continually strives to learn, deliver excellence on her shows and produce the best experience possible for our clients. She has a real talent for gathering all the information she needs to create clear briefs for suppliers to then exceed the expectations of the show teams she is working with. While still an operations executive, she was given the responsibility to organise a new event and took on this challenge with her usual enthusiasm, delivering an outstanding show.

Rebecca Pinner
Managing Director, Kismet Events

Becky left Clarion Events in January 2019 after a distinguished career managing content for a portfolio of technology conferences both internationally and locally. Since leaving, she founded Kismet Events, which is an exciting new events business focused on the fitness space, and also works as a contractor for Raccoon Events as head of content. Raccoon Events MD Mike Seaman said: “Becky is one of the most intelligent and dynamic thinkers I have ever met. We are very lucky to work with her and she has been instrumental in developing our event propositions. She is smart, dedicated and incredibly driven.

Hannah Ware
Co-ordinatore Manager, Reed Exhibitons

Hannah joined Reed to support a new acquisition, helping to connect a new team to the rest of the business. Her collaborative spirit also resulted in connecting the portfolio directors of the company’s largest travel and B2B portfolios to discuss synergies, leading to a new in-house barter arrangement. She has also been actively involved the development of strategy and wellness projects within the business and in 2018 was the most junior staff member selected for the Emerging Talent Programme. She now manages a team of 13 event co-ordinators.